Ever since we opened our doors we have forged many partnerships and sponsored a HUGE number of school and community linked teams and events which promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Furthermore we have sponsored a great number of the School Games nationwide and we are working tirelessly to forge more sporting partnerships every day, as well as continuing to champion our wonderful partners who have supported our vision since the beginning.

In addition to sponsoring a wide selection of sports and activities, we consistently look for ways we can work with our clients in order to help better promote sports and health not only within schools but the wider community as well.

Since the body and the brain work in tandem, children and young people need to move regularly in order to think clearly. Physical activity has been linked to positive mental health, skill development and cardiovascular and skeletal development to name a few and exercise can be incorporated into the school day without too much disruption.

It is now widely established that childhood is the best time to establish positive attitudes and behaviour relating to physical activity and health which is why we’re always looking to build partnerships with individuals and companies within the sporting sector who might be able to help us and our clients achieve more.