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Bullying and cyberbullying affects over one million young people every year. Bullying and cyberbullying are linked to many negative outcomes such as mental ill-health, substance misuse, and even suicide.

Anti-bullying week is a nationwide event organised by the Anti-Bullying alliance who intend to raise awareness of the issue of bullying among children, particularly in schools. Children, parents and educators get involved to encourage others to speak up about bullying to  improve the lives of millions by pledging support.

By making small simple changes, we can break cycle of bullying and create a safe environment for everyone, where everyone is heard. According to the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme; 64% of young people across the UK have experienced or been affected by bullying whilst in school. The average young person spends 11,000 hours in school, which is why more than ever we need to create a robust anti-bullying culture for all.

The battle against bullying is our collective responsibility, and Anti-Bullying Week 2019 is all about working together and affecting change.

Our campaign mascot Buddy has visited a range of school assemblies to reward class and whole school initiatives. Experience proves that Buddy is a great way to launch your very own scheme and also to reward excellent work and ideas by pupils and anti-bullying advocates in schools.

Alongside Buddy, we also provide free resources including our school information pack here which has been compiled using national guidance from key organisations including OfstedKidscape and Bullying UK.

Buddy is currently available in Barnsley, Durham, Hull, Leeds and Newcastle only.  Discover more about our anti-bullying initiative here